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About / Team Saundo

Team Saundo was founded in 2007 by Joe Saunders, and his wife, Shanel Saunders.

Team Saundo is committed to enhancing the lives of children through various community involvements and initiatives focusing on children’s health and well-being, education, and involvement in sports.

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Gallery / Team Saundo

Check out what Joe and the Team Saundo have been up to in the community.

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Donate to Team Saundo

Checks can be made to the Players Trust (include Saunders DAF in the memo line) & mailed to the MLB Players Association.

Major League Baseball Players Association

12 East 49th St. 24th Floor

New York, NY 10017

All CONTRIBUTIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE (please include a full name and mailing address for tax letters).

Saunders Family

Joe and Shanel know the value that sports and education play in the development and empowerment of children.

Joe, from Virginia, & Shanel, from Vancouver BC, met while they both attending Virginia Tech, Shanel on a softball scholarship and Joe on a baseball scholarship. Joe and Shanel both know the value that sports plays in the development and empowerment of children and the opportunities that can arise through involvement in sports. The Saunders are also passionate about supporting children throughout their communities.

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